The uniqueness of KICR is the integration of consumer innovation communities into the heart of the Innovation process. KICR creates the right community for your business needs, in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet a variety of challenges.

Each community is managed by a team of expert, analytical, methodical and resourceful researchers. Additional support is provided by experienced, creative and methodical innovation consultants who can drive your projects, bringing external thinking and challenge as well as injecting insight end to end throughout the whole innovation process.

KICR is a true partnership between agency, client & consumer.

Our KICR community clients benefit from “always-on” insight, resulting in quick, continuous feedback, providing a robust and agile consumer eco system that can be moulded to your innovation/NPD gate process from which your projects can be built.

Use KICR to transform your innovation and drive commercial success in weeks & months, not years.

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