Product Concept Ideation

Product concept ideation involves interactive and creative workshops to generate new product concept ideas against the opportunity platforms identified. Subject to needs, we can deliver rapid concept ideation across multiple categories (usually up to 20 ideas per brief). We then refine and prioritise a set of core product concept ideas, detailing these with reason to believe rationale. We create a product brief to focus the following prototyping.


Identify concept opportunities

To creatively ideate we bring together KICR consultants to generate product ideas against the opportunity spaces identified in discovery. In some cases we may include external experts category specialists, nutritionists or mixologist to support the ideation process.


Ideation Workshops

We deliver this through series of rapid sprint interactive workshops. Our clients are welcome to observe and participate. Typically we work to having 16-20 initial ideas per territory and can cover multiple territories/categories in one project, subject to brief.


Concept Validation

We use consumers to validate product concept ideas. We can screen concept ideas with consumers, ringing together client teams with consumers and chefs for inspiring and actionable direction. Leveraging the extensive toolkit of research options enables us to put the voice of the consumer at the heart of idea generation, to deliver innovation with true consumer purpose.


Refine & finalise to MVC

Initial ideas are refined, prioritised and often illustrated, into a core set of Minimal Viable Concepts (MVC) ahead of the prototyping sprint. Final MVC's can also be validated using the MMR Express semi-standardised quantitative concept screening.


Validated new product concept ideas

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