To prototype we leverage the consumer, culinary expert and trend inputs to rapidly iterate prototypes which are grounded in consumer need, but expertly crafted by chefs and product developers.

Through iterative recipe development and in kitchen experimentation, first Minimum Viable Prototypes (MVPs) are ready for tasting. Following tasting by a mix of experts, consumers and our clients, recipes are refined over a couple of rounds (typically 2 or 3 with different stakeholders) to a final MVP against each idea, presented back to you with a full recipe, process, scale up brief and nutritional information (along with some samples of course!)

A typical prototype sprint takes between 4 and 8 weeks and would include 3 rounds of recipe development of 2 variations against each product idea. Expert and live client tasting session for first developments, and 2 x consumer product tasting co-creation sessions with local in market consumers, moderated by a sensory qualitative moderator, after the 2nd round of development. Final samples are then refined based on consumer feedback before being presented back with a recommendation, recipe and scaled up brief.


Paper recipe ideation

Based on a concept to create recipe variations or skus to bring the prototype to life in kitchen



Rapid prototyping involves the creation of in-kitchen prototypes. Rapid prototyping can take place 'live' during sessions, and in between, to ensure the product recipes reflect consumer feedback to ensure they truly deliver


Consumer co-creation

Immersive and intensive co-creation sessions bringing together your teams, consumers and chefs to identify the ideal product and positioning (with options to include packaging) to deliver against the opportunity identified (and ensure brand fit)



By this stage, we'll present a consumer validated MVP, with our recommendations in terms of product and positioning along with clear guardrails for execution and consideration of operational requirements


A product recipe and consumer-driven positioning

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