Does Nutri-Score improve purchase intentions?

What is Nutri-Score?

The Nutri-Score, also known as the 5-Colour Nutrition label or 5-CNL is a nutritional rating system and is displayed on food product packaging.

Nutri-Score for a particular food item is given in one of five classification letters.

‘A’ – is a preferable score ie: High content of fruit and vegetables, protein and fibres.

‘E’ being a detrimental score ie: High content of sugar, saturated fats, energy and salt.

The calculation of the score involves seven different parameters of nutrient information per 100g of food which are usually available on food packaging’s.

In addition to the general calculation rules applied to most types of food, there are special rules for cheese, for added fats such as vegetable oils or butter and for beverages. Some laws and health authorities do not allow countries to impose their own food labelling system and can only give recommendations, however other health authorities recommend the Nutri-Score scoring system.

Does Nutri-Score improve purchase intentions? 

The first objective of Nutri-Score is to make consumers more aware of product ‘healthiness’. When the scoring is present, consumers can quickly view and determine how healthy their product of interest is. As a result, studies have proven that when the labelling is present the consumer expresses a higher purchase intention over a less healthy product. Consumer can therefore make healthier food choices. This enforced implementation demonstrates the importance in considering Nutri-Score consideration as part of recipe creation within the NPD pipeline development process.

A Nutri-Score product selection 

1/ Filet pieces, burger or sausages, their products are vegan and rich in protein. That is why most of Garden Gourmet products are score A or B.
3/ Actimel Original Nature has the B-score and Actimel 0% Mat. Gr. has the A-score on the Nutri-score scale. Their common ingredients are a precise blend of semi-skimmed milk and reconstituted skim milk, lactic ferments to process milk, milk mineral concentrates and a dose of crème.
2/ Weetabix products are packed with wholegrain, rich in fibre, low in salt and sugar and free from artificial colours and flavours. Therefore, Weetabix branded products have a green Nutri-score A or B.
These Vico chicken and thyme chips are low in fat and salt. They have a green Nutri-score B.

KICR is experienced in the creation nutritious products. We often have to work to Nutri-Score objectives as part of most NPD briefs. Check out some of our relevant case studies here.