How the snacking category has evolved and matured during the pandemic

There is no consistent definition of what a snack is, but many of us know a snack as something we eat in between meals. A consumer’s snack choice depends on a number of factors including how hungry they are, their reason for snacking and their accessibility to products. Brands have taken these factors into account and created products to fill different sub-categories within the snacking category. One very popular sub-category that’s taken a knock and had to evolve during the Covid-19 pandemic is the On The Go category.

On The Go snacking products are made to be convenient and functional for those commuting and racing to meetings. In the past year, office based working has been restricted, however employees feel busier than they used to be. With Covid-19 restrictions and hard lock downs globally consumer’s were not able to continue with their normal lifestyles and were forced to adopt new ones, which included staying home majority of the time. The need for On The Go snacks began to decrease, however, snacking as a whole continued to increase. Global home and hybrid working workforces quickly realised they were able to fit more virtual meetings within a working day, but were left with little time to spare for lunch and instead the need for snacks throughout the day to stay energised and motivated.

A study done by Mondelez’s annual State of Snacking reported that 52% of adults around the world agreed that snacking has been a ‘lifeline’ during the pandemic (aptean, 2021). However, when the pandemic first began there was a significant decrease in mobility, with consumer’s reaching for those snacks that will last them longer – limiting their shopping trips.

Now that vaccines are being administered and many countries Covid-19 cases are at a manageable rate, the door for recovery is open and the opportunities for product innovation are endless. Successful On The Go snacks are current and purposeful, providing consumers with new and improved products that suit their ‘post-lockdown’ lifestyles.

Here are some reasons why the snacking category is maturing:

Snacks that are Healthier > consumer’s want a snack that is nutritious. One that will help them deal with the anxiety a busy day brings and provide them with that much needed mid-day energy boost.

Snacks that are Convenient > consumer’s want something that is easy to carry, quick to bring to their home or office  desk and easy to eat. A no-fuss product that does not involve mixing, heating or cooking.

Snacks that are Sustainable > consumer’s want a product that not only benefits them, but one that also benefits the plant.

Top snacks suitable for office & home on-the go working

Graze is all about providing consumer’s with healthier snack choices by using the best ingredients nature has to offer. They have over 5 different snack categories to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. From kids super snacks to flapjacks to variety packs, Graze focuses on providing lunchbox friendly on the go snacks to all types of consumers. Their Cocoa Orange Superfood Oat bars are a perfect example of a convenient, healthy on the go snack that provides consumers with that needed hunger filling, energy boost.
Nothing But the Fruit created a range of healthy fruit snacks. Their Fruit Jerky range offers unique fruit jerky products available in different sweet and savoury flavours: Concord Strawberry Ginger & Coconut, Salted Watermelon Jalapeño & Chia and Mango Chili Lime & Pepitas.
Kellogg’s is one of the leading brands in its industry and has shown huge amounts of product growth and innovation over the past few years. Realising the need for healthier alternatives and now convenient snacking. Kellogg’s Special K Protein Bars are diet friendly, high in protein and do not contain any artificial flavours or preservatives, it’s the perfect snack for any consumer.
Quaker Oats have been providing consumers with oat products for over 140 years. Over this time, they have expanded their range of offerings, no longer solely heroing oats. One of their more recent product innovations and the perfect snack for an on the go consumer, is their Quaker Rice Cakes. Offered in a variety of flavours and packaging sizes, ensuring that no matter the reason for snacking it suits all types of consumers. Providing them with a gluten free, low fat and low cholesterol product that can be eaten between meetings or while traveling from one destination to another.

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