Innovation Clinics

We offer free 30-minute consultancy sessions for any FMCG business looking to gain external consumer and innovation insights, fresh perspective and NPD consultancy.

Perhaps you want to charge up your brands total user experience with a more distinctive sensory signature? Maybe you want to renovate your product so that it is more convincing of the brand promise?

Let us help you with your ideation or prototyping challenge with the richness of consumer co-creation.

Did you know that KICR Innovation has full access to MMR's world class sensory expertise? That means you get fast tracked, validated product development with input from leading sensory experts. You can book a free 30min video meeting to discuss your business challenges with leading innovation experts / FMCG researchers / commercial strategist. Initial consultancy, free of charge, to kickstart your brand's innovation. Whether you need advice on your menu architecture, current business strategy or just need a sound board for a recent idea - the KICR clinic is for you.