KICR SUMMER TRENDS REPORT – What’s trending in the food categories?

At KICR, we live and breathe trends and ensure we keep all brands on the pulse with future design thinking ideas to fuel NPD workstreams. Our aim is to help you fast-track your pipeline development but above all to create extraordinary food and beverage experiences for today’s more discerning consumer. We help brands achieve disruptive purposeful innovations informed by best-in-class category insight & breakthrough NPD direction.

This Summer KICR has identified 5 insightful food trends to empower your design thinking:

1 > Breakfast Bounce - The rise in home-based living has been great news for the global breakfast cereal market, which is forecast to grow to at a CAGR of 5.6% - reaching $75.44 bn by 2025.*
2 > Coffee Takeover - Our love affair with coffee is breaking into non-beverage categories. Whole Foods recently observed that coffee is coming out of the mug and into whiskey, granola, protein bars, yogurt, and smoothies.
3 > Bolder Baby - Following the humanisation of pet food, we’re starting to see a range of more adult oriented baby foods – with bolder flavours and textures.
4 > Scrappy Snacks - Innovative snack brands are stepping up with a focus nutri-score, clean label & sustainability - and starting to make a difference. There are essentially three opportunities for manufacturers to tackle waste.
5 > Chickpea Heaven - The chickpea has come of age and is making its debut in a whole range of new categories.

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Let’s make trends meaningful and champion purposeful innovations together!

Source: *Research & Markets